Titian: Sources and Documents Volumes I-VI

  • Six Volumes

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Hugely ambitious, Titian: Sources and Documents includes all known documents about Titian and his work dating from his lifetime, and all known references to him in contemporary publications. The relevant section of each text is transcribed in full, preceded by a short summary in English, with extensive annotation and, where necessary, a commentary. The intention of this incredible work of scholarship is to provide a comprehensive survey of the surviving historical evidence about Titian and his career. New transcriptions are provided for the great majority of the documents that have previously been published, and many hitherto unknown documents have been included. Consideration is given also to documents now known only via secondary sources, and to fake documents, of which a significant number were produced in the past two centuries.

Charles Hope is a former Director of the Warburg Institute. He has published extensively on fifteenth- and sixteenth-century Italian art. The present book is based on research he has undertaken over the past half-century.