Founded in 1903, The Burlington Magazine is the world's leading monthly journal of art and its history. Its concise, well-written articles present new discoveries and its reviews are a sharp and authoritative commentary on the latest exhibitions and books.
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Institutional Subscriptions

The Burlington Magazine has an improved institutional online subscription available to libraries, colleges, universities, museums and private galleries. Supply your institution with an enhanced user experience and allow for easy access to content.

What an institutional subscription with online access will provide you:

  • Unlimited multi-user access: simultaneous access to the journal for all.
  • Quick access to online content: access is controlled via your client's IP address allowing for immediate access.
  • Customer account management: log in and view your account and sales history, as well as update any account details (e.g. address).
  • Online archival access to 5 years' of back issues: filling the moving wall gap from JSTOR.
  • Integrated online index: this unique resource has now been integrated with the new website to allow your client to search our entire archive without having to leave our main website.
  • Improved illustration: an increased number of images with the ability to expand and zoom-in on images for greater detail.
  • Enhanced search facility: searches providing intuitive and relevant results from both the online index and general website.
  • Comprehensive browsing features: full list of contributors and their bibliographies, register of art dealers and services, register of museums and institutions, searchable art calendar and full list of back issues.

Free 14-day trials are available to libraries and institutions.
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