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Founded in 1903, The Burlington Magazine is the world's leading monthly journal of art and its history. Its concise, well-written articles present new discoveries and its reviews are a sharp and authoritative commentary on the latest exhibitions and books.
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Library Recommendation Form


To: The Librarian/Library Acquisition Committee

From: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Department/Position: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

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I recommend that the library subscribe to The Burlington Magazine.

I recommend the journal for the following reasons (tick as appropriate): 

  • Reference – I refer to this journal frequently for new research articles related to my work. __
  • Student Reference – I will be referring my students to this journal regularly to assist their studies. __
  • Benefit Library Collection – My assessment of the journal’s content and direction is very high. Its acquisition will fulfill department, faculty, and student needs. __
  • Own Affiliation – I am a member of the journal’s editorial board. I support the journal strongly and use it regularly in my work. I will regularly recommend articles to colleagues and students. __
  • Other. __

Additional Comments:______________________________________________________________________________________________________

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